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"Being Blessed"


It was a warm summer day and I had a five hour drive ahead of me. I was photographing a wedding up north that day.  I was a little nervous about driving my little Cabrio all that way by myself. My car worked fine, but it also had 240,000 plus miles on it, so going a long distance by myself, to a job I needed to be timely for made me a little anxious.  So, that day, I decided that I was going to "be blessed," and whatever way  that quality or state of being was going to unfold, I would allow myself to  remain open and receptive.

I left early in the morning  to miss some of the traffic on some of the two lane highways you hit when driving in  northern Michigan.   I was on time and my car was running great until the fourth hour of my five hour journey.  While driving through a small town, a red indicator light came on in my car.  I pulled over and looked all over for my manual to look up what the light meant, but I couldn't find it.  I got back into my car and drove a couple more miles and found a gas station.  When I asked if there was a mechanic on duty, the cashier said, "not on the weekend, but if you drive up the road about a mile there is a tire store on the left. They usually have a mechanic there all the time."  I left, feeling grateful that perhaps someone would be able to help me discover what my indicator light was telling me. Someone who would assure me that my car was still safe to drive and that I wouldn't be running the risk of breaking down somewhere along the way. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in fact.  Sure enough the mechanic was working at the tire store.  When I told him my problem, he came out to my car with me and took a look at the light in my dash and said, "that's just the light that comes on to remind you that your car is due for an oil change!  Your car is running fine.  You can get that oil change done in the next few days and you'll be fine."  I was so relieved. I shook the mechanics hand and smiled, thanking him several times for the good news.  When I got back into my car, sitting in the parking lot of the tire place, it wasn't sixty seconds before I put on the radio before venturing out on the highway again.  It was then I was instantly reminded as to what I was going to be that day.  The familiar lyrics put a smile on my face and instantly reminded me of what I had decided "to be" earlier in the day. On the radio, Elton John was singing, "You'll Be Blessed!"  And I was.



"Being Rich"


On this particular day, I put out to the universe that "being rich," was what I would be for the day.  I then proceeded to forget about it.  Most of the day was not really memorable in terms of anything unusual happening. But, when evening came, I stepped out to get my mail, and was pleasantly reminded of what I chose to be that morning. In the mail was a sweet note from a friend who wrote, "I have just inherited a little money, and I would like to share some of my good fortune with you."  Along with the note was a check for $500!

The note and check had been a total surprise.  The synchronicity of it all just tickled me.




"Being Resourceful"


Before the day began, I started out with the intention of "being resourceful."  At the end of the day, I understood that I had been given the opportunity to be a resource for someone else.  I have a friend who was staying with a couple in another state and for various reasons; it had become uncomfortable for her to stay with them. In effect, she felt she was being kicked out and forced to find another place to live in twenty four hours.  When she called me, she was crying, struggling to talk to me, feeling like she had nowhere to go. I told her that she did have a place to stay while she looked around for another place to live. That she could stay with me. I would be her resource.  She felt "saved," and left for my place within the hour.  You never know how the universe will respond to the state of beingness that you are calling forth. One day, you may receive. Another day, you may be on the giving end.  Each is a gift. 






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